Sunday, October 17, 2010

SWEEP! UMD Sends Providence Packing with 7-1 Victory

Too easy. Providence College sucks and we dispatched of them with ease. Good to see the boys take of business. I think we're more than ready for the WCHA. Some random notes from last night:

  • Dylan Olsen got in two (minor) fights this weekend. Good to see him mix it up. That feistyness combined with his hard slapshot from the point make him one of my favorites.
  • I wish they kept stats for time on attack. The Bulldogs were pretty much on a perpetual powerplay for the entire game.  Especially the Connolly-Fontaine line, they absolutely dominated play all weekend.
  • Speaking of our first line, Providence head coach Tim Army compared them to the Atkinson-Gibbons-Whitney line on Boston College. Pretty lofty comparison when you consider those three combined for 148 points on their way to a national championship last year. Connolly-Fontaine line has 25 points through four games this year.
  • Dan DeLisle doesn't do anything for me. I was excited to see him last year, considering his size, (6-4, 225) the fact that he came to UMD right out of HS, and that he was deemed talented enough to be drafted in the third round by the Blackhawks, but he literally contributes nothing while he's out there. Such a waste of size.
  • Jack Connolly told me after the game that the ice was terrible this weekend. I couldn't really tell, but Kevin Pates apparently noticed. I guess it was due to the unseasonably warm October weather.
  • I called the blowout. Not a terribly difficult thing to foresee, but I'm bragging anyway.
That's about it. After facing two inferior squads I'm ready for some WCHA action. Unfortunately UMD has Alaska-Anchorage at home this weekend, and won't face a true test until they travel to Bemidji's new arena 10/29-30.

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  1. Over the last three years UAA's record versus UMD is 5 wins ... 1 loss ... 2 ties ... (over the last six years it's 10-5-3)

    UAA is not an easy opponent for UMD in the last few years. Every weekend in the WCHA is a test.

  2. I noticed the ice was terrible, too! I wasn't fancy enough to get a player quote though :D. I think it was a combination of 1. warmer weather 2. lots of people in the arena (always good!) and 3. general DECC shittiness. I sit at the top of 21 and it was like a sauna.